Tuesday, August 2, 2011

California Here I Come!

After sitting on the fence for a few weeks about whether to do it or not, I jumped off and made the decision to have this running season be the year of the Coast to Coast Challenge Medal.  That means I will be traveling to California in January to run in Disney's newest race the Tinkerbell Half Marathon!!  
This the Coast to Coast Medal- I love it!
 To earn this medal you must run either a half or full marathon in both the east and west coast in the same calendar year.  My east coast run will be the Disney Princess Half Marathon. In February I will be running this for the first time.  This is one of the few Disney World races I have not done and I have heard great reviews. 

Since I am making the investment to travel across the country, I decided I was going for the complete Disney experience and I am staying at one of the Disney hotels too.  Although I live near Disney World, I don't ever go (unless I have company) because it's too expensive and I am too cheap a thoughtful consumer. I envy those who come here and stay for days and totally immerse themselves in the whole thing, so now I am going to treat myself to  a mini version of it!!

I have signed up to run both the 5K on Friday and the Half on Sunday.  
Until then I am slugging through the heat and humidity of a Florida summer trying to keep up my level of fitness so I will be in better shape when I start training for these.  I find it so hard to stay enthusiastic about running during these hot days, but it sounds like it's hot everywhere.  It will end eventually....right??

How is your summer running going?
Have you ever been to Disneyland? Got any tips for me?


  1. Sounds fun! Disneyland is lots of fun. Stay close. The Grand Californian is amazing!

  2. I am torn, because it does cost more. Is the Californian worth the extra cash?

  3. I've always wanted to go to Disneyland! I'll be interested to know how it differs from Disney World.

  4. Awesome! I get my Coast to Coast medal one month from tomorrow and I can barely contain my excitement anymore!

    It is times like this that I wish I still worked for Disney. I'd be hitting up ALL of the races! Right now I have the Everest one and Wine and Dine in the back of my head. Some day!

  5. Whoo hoo! I decided to go for it this year - I'm looking forward to getting my Disney bling next month!


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