Monday, August 29, 2011

Brown Bag Challenge

All the cool kids watch Star Trek

Join me as I take on Food Network's Healthy Eats'
Brown Bag Challenge!

I have committed to eating a home packed lunch every weekday for the entire month of September.I figure it's a great way to save money and to be in control of what I eat rather than grabbing a lunch on the go and sometimes settling for something I don't really want or shouldn't really have on a regular basis.
Here are the details:

  • Bring your lunch to work each weekday for the month of September (Thursday 9/1 - Friday 9/30)
  • Do not purchase lunch out on weekdays, but feel free to on the weekends and Labor Day.
  • Oh, and it doesn't have to be a real brown bag.  You can go out and buy yourself that lunch box your Mom never got you as a kid.
Who knows this may be the start of a positive trend that leaves us all richer and healthier.
Are you in?
  • You can join the chat on Twitter by following #brownbag. 
  • Each Tuesday on Healthy Eats bloggers participating will link up.  We can all share our great lunch ideas with each other.  
I will be blogging about my Brown Bag experience throughout the month as well.

For more information or to join in click here.