Sunday, December 15, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon

Did I really run the race for the medal? Yes! Well, sort of...  The medals for this race are pretty fancy. In fact if you run the race for 3 years in the row, you get a 3 year medal. (Milky Way Challenger Medal) If you run in 5 years in a row you get an additional 5 year medal (Intergalactic Challenge Medal) too. For some reason, that draws me to this event.  

But that's not all that makes this race one I will do again, really. The after race event was well done and I liked the race swag too.  We got  a long sleeved tech tee and a beach towel, that others in my family like as well.

After the race we had our choice of pancakes and eggs or pizza and beer in addition to usual race food like fruit, bagels and drinks.

In addition, the course was very nice.  It was a 2 lane road that ran along the water's edge with boat houses and docks on one side and lovely homes on the other.  It was an out and back, but the first half is done mostly in the dark, so it looked differently on the way back.

But that's not all. This race was easy to get to and did not include a lot of the usual headaches, like having to get up super early to get to your corral, heavy traffic and a long walk to the start.  It was a no hassle race and I liked that too.  

The only negative to this race, was the date.  It falls on the Sunday following Thanksgiving day so it was a busy time.  Despite my irregular and unmotivated training schedule, I was happy with my performance.  Honestly, since I started my new job, finding time to run has been a challenge. We finished the race in 2:26.  I'll take that and the medal and be satisfied!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thanksgiving at Kiawah

The past six months have been CRAZY!  A new job and a new home have taken all of my time and energy.  After a fabulous week off, I was inspired to get back to blogging.

For the past 20+ years,  my siblings and I have made an effort to spend Thanksgiving together.  There are 5 of us and 13 nieces and nephews.  We don't all make it every year, but our track record is solid.

This year we met on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.  We rented a house large enough for all of us to share. Sharing a house is the way to go because all of unplanned moments make the best memories. Our holiday included...


My sister is the best event organizer!  This year she planned a cookie bar baking contest.  Each team of two finds and executes a recipe of their choice in hopes of winning the title of the best.  This year's winner was a Rocky Road brownie.  The girls used their brains and their cooking skills to win.  (They knew one of the judges loved rocky road). The other entries included: Monster Cookie Bar, Raspberry Oatmeal Bar, Fluffernutter Bar, Peppermint Brownie and a Strawberry Cheesecake Bar.


Each year we also run in the local Turkey Day Run on Thanksgiving morning.  We have done this race for the past three years and it is a family favorite. It was a chilly day with wind and temp in the 30s.

This must also be a favorite of the band KISS
because I saw them last year too!  They complete the race in full stage attire and aren't shy about posing for photos.

The race runs through historic downtown Charleston and is a scenic course.

St. Michael's Church

The Battery

King Street

Start and Finish line at Marion Square

The long sleeved race t is a good one.


Our trip to Charleston always includes another much loved  spot - Cupcake! on King Street


There was a sandcastle contest on the beach at Kiawah and here are some of the creations.
The dragon in the top left was the winner and the castle from Tangled in the top right also placed.



Caravan of eight
I just love spending time with my family and am already looking forward to next year.
Hope you had a relaxing holiday with some good food.