Sunday, December 15, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon

Did I really run the race for the medal? Yes! Well, sort of...  The medals for this race are pretty fancy. In fact if you run the race for 3 years in the row, you get a 3 year medal. (Milky Way Challenger Medal) If you run in 5 years in a row you get an additional 5 year medal (Intergalactic Challenge Medal) too. For some reason, that draws me to this event.  

But that's not all that makes this race one I will do again, really. The after race event was well done and I liked the race swag too.  We got  a long sleeved tech tee and a beach towel, that others in my family like as well.

After the race we had our choice of pancakes and eggs or pizza and beer in addition to usual race food like fruit, bagels and drinks.

In addition, the course was very nice.  It was a 2 lane road that ran along the water's edge with boat houses and docks on one side and lovely homes on the other.  It was an out and back, but the first half is done mostly in the dark, so it looked differently on the way back.

But that's not all. This race was easy to get to and did not include a lot of the usual headaches, like having to get up super early to get to your corral, heavy traffic and a long walk to the start.  It was a no hassle race and I liked that too.  

The only negative to this race, was the date.  It falls on the Sunday following Thanksgiving day so it was a busy time.  Despite my irregular and unmotivated training schedule, I was happy with my performance.  Honestly, since I started my new job, finding time to run has been a challenge. We finished the race in 2:26.  I'll take that and the medal and be satisfied!


  1. My husband and I did this race last year and I agree with you! Great swag, great course, amazing views and easy access. I'm so glad this was my Florida race. Nice job on squeezing it in during such a busy time.

    1. Actually it was your review of the race last year, that made me run it! I'm so glad I did!

  2. Nice job on the race! Sounds like it was a good one! :)

  3. Great job! How nice for it to be convenient! I'm sure that made for a less stressful race day!


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