Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pizza Pot Pie

mushroom, spinach and onion pizza pot pie
Pizza Pot Pie is pizza from a new perspective - upside down!  When the pizza goes into the oven it resembles a pot pie with its crust covered top.  But the trick is you turn it out of the dish right before serving and now it is an upside down pizza pot pie. 
Using one pizza crust dough (recipe here), one can of pizza sauce, and a combination of mozzarella and Monterrey jack cheese slices we made four individual pot pies. This was easy to personalize for everyone's favorite toppings. This time we used some homemade meatballs from an Annie's Eats recipe I love (here), fresh mushrooms and spinach.
To start, you need oven proof bowls, I picked some cereal bowls from my cupboard, sprayed them with Pam on the inside and around the top outer edge too so the overlapping crust won't stick.  Next, layer the bottom of the bowls with cheese. Be generous with the cheese, I wish I had used more.

Add the toppings. Any meats need to be precooked.  Cover with  pizza sauce. Dei Fratelli is our favorite.
The last step is to divide your pizza dough into four equal parts (or as many pot pies as you are making) and roll out  to cover each bowl with a circle of pizza dough, pinching it around the outside edge of the bowl.  Brush the tops with olive oil.   They are now ready to go in the oven.
Place on a preheated cookie sheet or pizza stone in a 450 degree oven.  Bake about 20 minutes or until the crust is golden brown. 
Let pies cool for a few minutes and then place upside down on plate, run a knife along the inside of the bowl to loosen and let it fall. Viola! - Pizza Pot Pie 

Meatball and Mushroom Pizza Pot Pie

*When making this the second time I used smaller ramekins and made 6 pies.  I also used more cheese.  The results of my second attempt are shown in the photo at the top. With the smaller ramekins the pie fell out of the bowl easier and the serving sizes were plenty big.

 Eating this will make you happy!

What do eat to make yourself happy?


  1. This looks like such a fun meal to make and eat--thanks for sharing!

  2. That looks really tasty - very comforting.

    I ended up running just over 21 miles.

  3. Ooh, substitute that meat with some fake meat ... and I could be all over this. Looks sooooooo good!!


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