Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet and Spicy

I am all about tasty food.  In fact the most popular reply to "What do want for dinner?" in our house is, "Something good"  Not a very helpful response, but who wants to waste their calories on something only so so?  Tasty for me doesn't have to mean fancy, but I do prefer food that is made with real ingredients.  So often when I go out to eat, I end up feeling like I could have made it better at home and for less money. When we eat out, it is typically something we would not make at home, or at a place that offers fresh or unique food.  That is why I like food trucks, most are making it on the spot and are on the cutting edge of flavor combinations. 

To help make my food tasty I shop at Penzeys Spices.  An awesome spice shop with great recipe ideas throughout the store. That's where I got that awesome bumper sticker. They have every spice you could imagine and a great selection of spice mixes for every kind of food. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, don't miss out.
Penseys Spice Shop
As a kid I eating candy was a treat, some Saturdays I would count out my change, hop on my bike and ride 2-3 miles to the neighborhood candy store. (Don't know what my parents thought of this, but I was one of five kids, so maybe they didn't know.) I would pick out my favorites, like a Sky Bar, Mike and Ike, candy cigarettes and pop rocks, you know the good stuff!   I  recently discovered the cutest candy shop, Sassafras right down the street from the spice shop. It was like stepping back in time. It had all my old time favorites, plus all the latest candy too. 
I had a great time looking through the store. It conjured up so many memories.  There was a cooler with many of  the throwback soda pops and even some not so candy, candy like chocolate covered ants, and cheese flavored crickets. Although I don't eat much candy now, I did have to get a chocolate caramel cream, an orange slice and an orange NeHi soda.
Definitely a happy place!

What are some of your favorite candies from your youth?

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  1. 10 cent candy is what I remember - always a fan of the Swedish Fish at 1 cent each and of course the Marathon Bar and Charleston Chew - big candy bars...

  2. what a neat bumper sticker - I like it!
    I've always liked fun dip and sugar babies- both clearly sugar filled, but it's candy right? ;) Twizzlers are definitely up there too

  3. Love stores like that.

    Yes, it felt really good to actually pass a few runners - that's something that rarely happens. Walkers even tend to pass me.


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