Monday, May 2, 2011

Food Truck Bazaar

I've read about food trucks and followed some cupcake trucks in other cities on twitter, but have never experienced one before. I watched the show Food Truck Race on the Food Network and was intrigued. Something about them seemed so fun, maybe the freedom of all the places they could go or the idea of all the tasty treats that could be made in a truck!  
Well, I had a chance to visit one, in fact, 15 at our local Food Truck Bazaar last night!
The event was being held from 7pm-12am in a parking lot at a local mall. I was excited and hungry so we made sure to get there just after 7pm.  First stop was the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck.  
The arrow points to the gas cap. *Cute*

Cupcake truck

I heard they sell out quickly, because they do not bake cupcakes in the their truck, they only sell them from the truck. Plus who only buys one cupcake?  In fact, I bought six cupcakes - all different flavors!   The vanilla ended up being my favorite. 
Chocolate peanut butter, chocolate, lemon, carrot, red velvet, vanilla

The lines can get long at the trucks, fortunately this one wasn't too bad, but people kept coming and the lines  began to grow. Andy, Cate and I decided to split up and each go to a different truck.
Andy headed to the BBQ truck.
He got a cheese-burger topped with BBQ pork and macaroni and cheese, called The Big Daddy. It was pretty good.

Cate headed for the Travelling Gourmet truck for pork lettuce wraps.  These were a hit!

I spotted this little orange truck from afar and knew I had to get in line. 
I have been wanting chicken and waffles for months. The menu was mouth watering and decided I needed the savory chicken and waffles with country gravy and the berry waffle with fruit and whipped cream.  I found my way to the back of the line.
That's me at the end holding my cupcakes.
I was very far away from the truck, but long lines were expected and I thought nothing of it.  I had time to meet new people in line next me including Nathan, retail manager for Track Shack, my favorite running store!  The line didn't seem to be moving much at all.  It ended up taking two and a half hours to get to the truck to order!  Darkness had settled in, some people in line gave up and the truck's generator died during this time. Luckily it was just out of gas and was easily fixed.
Hanging out in line with Andy and Cate
I was four people away from the window when they announced they had run out of gravy!  WHAT!? Disappointing for sure, but not a deal breaker. 

During the wait, my son Patrick called and when he found out how long I had been waiting in line for chicken and waffles, he didn't seem to share my passion for the food trucks because he told me they sell chicken and waffles at IHOP everyday.   

Definitely NOT the same as waffles from Melissa's Chicken and Waffles Food Truck in a mall parking lot - I am sure!!

Nearing 10pm we got our waffles,  the berry one came out first.  Mmmmm.  They had run out of silverware, but we made do.
Berry Waffle

The chicken one took a little longer, as each one was made to order!  We were so relieved to actually get it that we dug right in and didn't even take a photo.  Imagine the one above with yummy friend chicken pieces on it and that's what it looked like.  
The waffles were great and even though the wait was super long,  I would go to her truck again.  I was told this was her first night so I am sure service will improve.I loved the Food Truck experience and am looking forward to the next event.  I have 11 more trucks to try!!

Have you ever eaten from a Food Truck?  What did you get?


  1. that was too long to wait.There is a chicken and waffles restaurant here too - gladys knight's name is on it. You are a little crazy i think!
    I am going to have a food truck lunch on Thursday, but will wait 15 min max in any line I think - lunch is only about 30-45 min to begin with!

  2. PS - you need a new profile picture on the right of your blog - please keep this thing updated!

  3. I love food trucks! So much fun.

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy! Check out that insane line!!

  5. I'd be all over the pork lettuce wraps. and the red velvet cupcakes!

    I used to eat from a baked potato food cart when I lived in NY, they had a ton of different toppings to choose from.

  6. I've been up in downtown Portland quite a few times this year, and I've noticed there is an entire block that is just food trucks. They don't even seem to travel. It is like a permanent food truck fixture! The closest I've gotten to eating from a food truck is just visiting the Grilled Cheese Grill. They have 2 locations - and you eat in a school bus that has been converted to have tables. The newest spot has a double decker bus! They fix the sandwiches in a trailer where you order, but the fun is in eating in the bus!


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