Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charleston Krispy Kreme Donut Run Race Recap

Saturday was the Krispy Kreme Donut Run in Charleston, SC.  I drove up to South Carolina Friday afternoon to spend the night with my daughter Caroline, who would be running with me.  We love donuts and running so we were very excited about this event!
Caroline and I in our race outfits

 Costumes were encouraged so we made donut themed T-shirts. There were about 300 runners but I think a third of them were children and dogs.  This was a casual, low key run that really was all about having fun. The challengers lined up at the start first. We casual runners were next and then the walkers.  The course was out and back on a grass trail.
The turnaround point was the Krispy Kreme store.  

Upon entering the parking lot, we ran around the store and ended up in the side parking lot, where there were tables of donuts on trays and then a table with stacks of boxed donuts. The challengers HAD to eat all twelve donuts before they could head back.  Some were having a tough time stuffing them all in, many using water to wash them down.  Others took the approach of stacking the donuts 3 and 4 donuts high and then smooshing them flat to eat all together. 
Each tray held 12 donuts
As a casual runner, we grabbed a box of donuts and could eat as many or as few as we wanted.  I ate 2 and Caroline ate one and a half.  We packed our remaining donuts in ziplock bags, put them in a bag for easy carrying and headed back to the finish line.
Enjoying donut #1
Eating even a few donuts does not make running easy.  We decided to run/walk the rest of the way back. We caught up with a family with 2 young kids under 6 that had been ahead of us the entire race. They weren't carrying any donuts back, so I wonder if they ate them all.  Either way, those kids just kept on running - they were amazing!   I thought we would never pass them. In the end, fatigue won out and the kids walked. We were able to beat the six year olds, but just barely. We finished with a scorching time of 41:26:06.  

The donuts were freshly baked and delicious - perfect! However, I am so glad I did not sign up to eat all twelve donuts, I would have been miserable. The two I ate were plenty.  Thinking about eating all the donuts you want sounds like a dream come true, but it is not as easy as you think. Too much of a good thing is not good!  I know for sure I will not be starting my own show Girl v Food.

I think the guy who won completed the eating and running in 28 minutes. 

We had a great time, ate some yummy donuts and got in a run all at the same time!
The End


  1. I love love love your shirts!

    What an awesome race. I want to do a Dunkin' Donuts run - with only Boston Cremes. LOL!

  2. That's great! I can't believe the winner did all that so quickly. Now I want a donut : )


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