Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gotein Review and Giveaway

Gotein is a convenient protein supplement for athletes of all levels and people on the go. It can be used before a workout for energy, after for recovery, or as a healthy snack during the day for only 100-110 calories.

The great people at Gotein sent me some packets to try and included some extras to give away to one of my awesome readers! Other bloggers have been talking about it and if you missed a chance to win some, now you have another shot. 
All you need to enjoy some Gotein is a bottle of cold water (about 16oz), and a stick of Gotein in one of their three flavors (chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry).  These are big sticks containing about as powder much as scoop of protein powder.  Each stick provides 16g of protein, 6g carbs and 24 vitamins and minerals.
Add a packet to your water, swirl it around and then shake really well to get it completely mixed.
I ended up shaking it more than I originally thought I needed to, because there is a lot of powder to mix.
I tried all three flavors and liked chocolate the best. I don't usually eat before working out, so I only drank it for recovery. I often drink chocolate milk after a run, but substituted Gotein instead.  

I was very excited to have a chance to try Gotein, because I have heard so much about it.  I know that I do not get enough protein and I need even more of it as I am incorporating more strength training in my schedule.  The thought of getting protein so conveniently  was appealing. I liked the protein sticks with water okay, but would have liked a richer, sweeter flavor. If you've been a reader of my blog, you know how I like sweets.   

The way I liked Gotein the best was to use it in place of my scoop of whey in my smoothies.  I find that big containers of whey can be expensive and you end with a lot of one flavor. By using Gotein I had 3 different flavors to choose from to compliment a variety of smoothie flavors.

The pluses of Gotein are:
     Convenience - protein sticks can go anywhere and only need a bottle of water
     Low Calorie  - 100-110 calories
     Fortified with many vitamins and minerals
     No aftertaste and no powdery texture

If you plan on ordering some use discount code: Anna for $4 off each box.

GIVEAWAY - If you would like to try Gotein for yourself, enter to win 3 packets of Gotein (one chocolate, one vanilla, one strawberry)
Here's how you can win.  Please leave me a separate comment for each one.
1)  Be a follower of this blog.
2)  Like Gotein on Facebook HERE and tell them Moments That Make a Life sent you.
3)  Tweet about this giveaway. Use can use the following tweet if you want "I just entered to win Gotein protein on the go! @momentsinalife "
4)  Mention this giveaway on your blog or facebook page.

Entries will be accepted until midnight on July 15th. One winner will be selected using

Disclaimer: While I received these protein sticks for free from Gotein, the opinions and reviews are my own. 


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