Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July Watermelon Run

Happy Fourth of July!!

This morning I ran a local 5K to celebrate the holiday.  This was a first for me and great event! It was a non timed, family run/walk with over 3,000 participating. Following the race they hold a watermelon eating contest.  
Andy and I before the race with our bags for Treats for Troops
The shirt was cute, although cotton, and I actually ran in it because they requested us to.  I don't usually wear my race shirt on race day, because I feel I haven't earned it until after I run.  I made an exception and it was too hot and humid a day to wear a shirt that didn't breathe.  Plus I decided to wear a hat instead of sunglasses and that made me even hotter.  I am either going back to sunglasses or will try a visor. I don't remember the last time I sweat that much! I wasn't the only hot one,  some people were sweating so much that sweat was dripping off their arms and onto those around us as they pumped their arms. Gross!!   I tried to get away from those folks as quickly as I could. 
Action photo of #4 the runner boy!
I ran the race with an average pace of 9:23 for a time of 28:44. I wasn't killing it, but  a decent pace I thought until I saw this little guy (#4) running near me at the start of mile 2.  I thought like most kids he would run fast for a while and then walk a little...Oh no, this guy was a runner.  He had a nice even pace and never slowed down.  In fact he ended up moving ahead to the point that I couldn't see him anymore.  I am pretty sure he beat me.

In addition to the run, this event was about showing support for our soldiers overseas. The Florida based volunteer organization called Treats for Troops sends care packages to remote military camps, hospitals and chaplains. Typically donations are quite low at this time of year. 

All runners were asked to bring a gallon ziplock bag filled with personal care and/or food items plus $1 inside for shipping. Most of the soldiers receiving these packages don't have access to a PX or Commissary (store or base). If you or your organization is looking for a community service project, check it out.  They want to continue to send these care packages until all the soldiers come home.

I can't tell you how good it felt to make our bags for today. We truly enjoyed shopping, filling and writing a note for our bags. I am excited that I can do one small thing for those men and women who risk their lives to keep America free and safe!  It reminds what this holiday is really all about.

Hope you have a fabulous holiday and eat something yummy!

Look for the Gotein giveaway coming this week.


  1. Way to go on your run and your great donation!

  2. That's a clever race logo they came up with! Not thrilled about the cotton - especially then running in it, but I guess we can all sacrifice once in a while, right? Yeah - I say that but I know me, I'd probably have tried to get away with running in my own tech shirt!

    Congrats on another fun race!


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