Friday, January 7, 2011

Marathon Weekend is HERE

Race weekend is finally here!  Wow, pretty much describes everything I am feeling.  

It's going to be a busy weekend.  My daughter is running the half marathon tomorrow and I am running the full marathon on Sunday.   We went to the expo last night after work and the place was crazy with people, but not as crazy as it's going to get.  We had a chance to get our race bags, make some posters, listen to some speakers and walk down every aisle of the expo.  We didn't want to miss a thing and we didn't. 
We had a chance to listen to John "The Penguin" Bingham speak and he was quite entertaining.  He co-authored the book on running that I like so much, Marathoning for Mortals.  I thought I might go crazy buying things, but I showed great self control.   I planned on getting some marathon paraphernalia because this may be the only one I ever run, but I decided the shirt I got in the goody bag, was enough.

At the Clif Bar booth, we got to taste about 8 of their products from the shots, to the blocks, to the chocolate roks. They had a new product I liked so much, I bought a few. This bar has 20g of protein and the lemon flavor is perfect.
The only other place that got my money was bondibands.  I love mine so much I had to get a couple more.  All in all the expo was a hit.  

Tomorrow I will be watching Cate in the half marathon so I will have 2 early wakeup calls this weekend.  As we have gotten things ready for her, I am getting some of my things in order too.  Last year I took a trash bag with me to keep me warm and dry as I waited for the race to start.  I am bringing one again.  The weatherman is predicting a start time temperature of 39 degrees Sunday and I don't want to freeze while I wait, plus it gives me something to sit on too.   Last year I think I stood around the entire time I waited, but now I know that extended standing only tires my legs out and I need to save that energy for running, so I plan on sitting more this year. 
Getting my trash bag fitted
I have decided what I am wearing as long as the weather forecast doesn't change too much.  I will be the girl in the pink shirt!  I will not be wearing my fuel belt for the race.  I don't really want to carry all that liquid when there will be plenty of water stops, but I will be bringing my Stingers for eating.
I am trying not to over-think the race at this point.  I have one more 20 minute run tomorrow I need to do after we get home from watching the half. I had a great tempo run on Wednesday and had lots of energy.  Let's hope it stays around for Sunday, I'll be starting the race at 5:47am.  



  1. So exciting!! Oh my gosh, as I write this it is very possible you are already getting up to run. Crazy!!

    I hope it is a "magical" marathon for you. I can't wait to hear every last little detail about it! Good luck!!

  2. I hope everything went well!! Looking forward to your race report!

  3. Good luck! I hope it all went well. I hyperventilate at the thought of running.


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