Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dessert and Idol

Now that my marathon is over I have been able to spend more time on some of the other things I love, like baking.  I have lined up about 10 great cookie recipes I want to try, and I have started sharing some recipes at the blog Sweet as Sugar Cookies which hosts a weekly Sweets for Saturday post where baking bloggers everywhere post a photo and link to a sweet treat they have made.  Last week there were 166 tempting recipes to look through. If you need an idea for something to bake, I'm sure you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

With all the cooking I have planned, my goal is to post one new recipe a week.

Another thing I love is a good TV show.  I don't have a lot of time to watch TV so it has to be something worthwhile.  I love my DVR and use it for everything I watch. Unexpectedly,  I have gotten hooked to American Idol this season.  I liked Simon Cowell's frankness and thought the show would be a dud without him, but its just the opposite. I think Steven Tyler is fabulous!   Other than being the lead singer of Aerosmith, I didn't know what kind of person he was. I  thought he was some stuck up rocker guy, but he is witty, kind and funny. He blurts out funny lines, gets so into the music he sometimes sings along, and is able to tell someone no without being mean.  His interaction with the girl in the wheelchair brought me to tears.  I am loving the show so far and hope it continues. I like Jennifer Lopez more too.   The only thing I don't like about him is the strange high pitched scream/singing  thing he does.

I know they say Randy is supposed to be the top dog on Idol this year, but not for me.  He's just there, I don't dislike him, but he doesn't keep me coming back.  I am enjoying the auditions and am looking forward to Hollywood week.

Are you a fan of American Idol?  What do you think of the new judges?


  1. I'm going to comment on a couple posts....

    How fun to be part of your family and plan a summer vacation around a half marathon in South Dakota! I love that idea (I secretly keep all your ideas in the back of my head for when my girls are a bit the trip when they are that).

    I'm so looking forward to all your baking posts too. They always look so delicious.

    American Idol...I am a big fan. I also thought it would be different without Simon, but I like Steven Tyler in the judge role. He seems really sincere. I have to say I cannot get that "Sunshine and Lollipops" song out of my head.

  2. I used to blog Idol during every single episode. I'd write while watching it and share my thoughts. Then last year was so bad I didn't bother. So far this year I haven't blogged about it - but I might change that once we get to the top 12. For now I'm just getting home from my runs right when it comes on, so grabbing a pen and paper is the last thing on my mind!

    ANYWAY.... I love Simon! I also thought it would be a dud without him. And I was very hesitant about the two new judges, but they have been a refreshing surprise! Randy is just pointless really. I try to pretend he isn't there. I just feel like I am liking Steven Tyler more and more with every episode, which is shocking to me! And as much as I wish I could dislike Jennifer Lopez, I really don't! I know I'd be one of those girls in awe to meet her because I still see her as Selena. I love it when the contestants reference that movie. It is one of my favorites and she really did do an amazing job in that role!


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