Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founders' Day Race Recap

Parking lot shot before the race
This past weekend I ran the Florida Hospital Celebration Health Founders' Day 10K in Celebration Florida. Unlike most races this one was on Sunday, it couldn't have been a better day for a run with temps in the low 60s and sunny skies. I ran this race with my daughter and husband. This event offered  a distance dare by running the 10K at 7:30am and then running the 5K at 9:15am.  Since this was my low mileage week (only needed to run 8 miles), I passed on the dare and ran only the 10K  and then two additional miles after the race to get  in my 8.

The race course took us through the beautiful town of Celebration, Florida.  Right next to Disney World, it is a picturesque community with front porches and manicured lawns.  We ran by the hospital, golf course, school, movie theatre and waterfront.  A few of the residents were on their porches cheering us on.

My goal for the race was to finish in under one hour.  To do this I knew I had to keep a sub 9:30 pace. All this was easy to calculate because the day before I splurged and bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 410!!  This thing is amazing!  
It told me my current pace, elapsed time, mile splits as well as my heart rate.  Once I got home and downloaded the information to my computer it gave me even more details about my run. It makes me want to run more -  I absolutely love it!
So thanks to my Garmin here are the details on my race:

Avg Pace

I had a great run and I was happy with my time.  I am looking forward to my marathon training with my new running accessory!


  1. welcome to the world of garmin...it's becomes an odd obsession

  2. Great run!! And what a picturesque setting. I love Celebration. I used to go on walks their after work with my friend. We'd fantasize about which houses would be ours someday. Of course we'd have white picket fences and have immaculate rose gardens. .... obviously none of that happened!

    Congratulations on the Garmin, too!

  3. I am sooooo embarrassed. I should have typed "there" NOT "their". Ugh. My apologies! ;)

  4. Congrats on a great 10K finish time and running 16 miles today, too! (Saw your tweet!) Seeing all of those details on the Garmin is a lot of fun.


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