Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Topsy Turvy Tomato Rocks

Our Topsy Turvy rocks!  We live in a townhouse and long to have a garden for vegetables.  To make up  for not having the space, we have learned to be creative, hence the topsy turvy.  I never imagined it would work out so well. It just keeps growing and growing. It does require more watering than a traditional potted plant, especially here is HOT Florida. We initially hung it from a Crepe Myrtle tree next to our garage, but our neighborhood deer found it and enjoyed a feast of tomatoes one night.  We needed to keep it on the sunny side of our house, so my husband anchored it from the eave of the garage.  Just high enough that our deer family is not able to reach it. As you can see it is a happy plant.  We just had the first crop of tomatoes this weekend.  We celebrated with BLTs.  There is something wonderful about enjoying food from your own garden, or in our case, topsy turvy. I see a tomato pie in my future. :)

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