Thursday, June 10, 2010

Interval Run

I got up early this morning to get in my run before work.  I wasn't sure how far I wanted to run, but chose to do the Kara Goucher Endurance Boost.  This is a Nike workout I purchased from iTunes.  In this workout Kara leads you through 4 reps of 4 minutes at a leisurely pace and 4 minutes at a brisk pace with a warm up and a cool down.  It includes 13 songs and is about 40 minutes long, with Kara giving you motivational directions along the way.    I was not initially pumped up to complete this workout, but the time really went by quickly as I only focused on 4 minutes at a time. It made me work a lot harder than I would have.  It is very easy for me to complete my usual 3-4 miles without too much effort, but still giving myself credit for working out. This was a much more challenging choice.  I know interval training is the way to go and this was a great workout.  I am in training for Saturday's Disney Expedition Everest Challenge  at Disney World's Animal Kingdom.  My husband, Andy and I will be participating as a team to complete the 5K adventure run with obstacles and a scavenger hunt.

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