Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer's End

Yep, school has started and that's the official end to summer around here.  No more mid morning breakfasts or afternoon naps. It's back to work and 5am wake up times.  Although I am a teacher, I am  assigned to our district curriculum office and it has been at least 5 years since I have not worked through the summer, until this year.  I had the month of July off and it was heaven!

I had forgotten how wonderful extended time away from work is.  With no young children at home the time was all mine to spend anyway I pleased.  I read, cooked, ate, ran spent an obsessive amount of time on Pinterest  (you can follow me HERE) and bought a house! ( I'll be sharing more about the house later) It was an adjustment to have all that time off, but just as I was getting used to it, it was time to return. Isn't that the way things work!?

This was the Back to School photo in our house.  I have been inspired by all the ideas on Pinterest, but my kids are getting to old for these. Where were all these ideas when I needed them?  This will most likely be the last.

We have a new addition to our family --> this frog -  I thought he was just passing through  when I snapped this photo, but he is a permanent border on the porch.  The other day when I came home it was pouring and he was up to his chest in a puddle and as happy as can be.

This is him in all his glory - Check out that hand!  Hard to believe it's the same frog!

I got a bike rack this summer for my car and the box it came in turned into a playground for my cats.  Something about boxes, cats can't resist!

It reminded me of this photo on Pinterest. If you have a cat, you should try it, they must have cat magnets in them.  

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