Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Finds

Here are some of the latest things I've been playing with...

Rubber Stamp Letter M o50 Rubber Stamp Letter M letter E Foam brick letter N letter T s63
Ben Eine letter t Blue foam brick letter h photo.JPG Foam Stamp Letter T
letter M Magnetic letter a letter K e64
Cardboard red letter a
Wooden brick letter L I rubber stamp letter  f e70

1. I found this site where you can spell any word using photos of letters. The possibilities are endless. Try it, its fun!

2. I added a new song to my running playlist, Wild Ones by Flo Rida . I usually listen to books or podcasts, but I like to change it up with music to keep me motivated. I first heard this song on a wild animal segment on the Today show and it stuck in my head.

3. Cate @ Good For You Blog introduced me to the Fooducate Blog. I use the app, but didn't know there was a blog too. The posts are short, but give great info about making healthy choices in the grocery store and it is all designed to help us eat a bit better. The app can be found here and its FREE! You scan an item you want to buy and it tell's you how good for you it is and suggests similar products that may be better for you.
4. Pick Your Plum - Every weekday at 9am Eastern time this site has a deal of the day. They offer a limited quantity at a great price until they sell out. I have my phone set to remind me to check it. Many of the items are craft or baking related but they have quite a variety. I have bought, push up pops, craft twine, cupcake wrappers, washi tape, etc...
5. For any of you that used to use the site Picknik to edit your photos, I have found an even better one and its all free. PicMonkey is so easy to use and you can add text, clip art, make collages and more.
Thanks for stopping by, k34 E Spelling Bricks letter L L Magnetic Letter E Rubber Stamp Letter Y


  1. I am going to have to check out that first site. It looks pretty cool. I loved Picnik and miss it. I tried PicMonkey but found to be almost the exact same as Picnik. You should check it out!

  2. good finds! I really like that first site.


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