Friday, May 18, 2012

Terramundi Money Pots

I try to save money where ever I can. Couponing, bypassing toll roads, packing my lunch and cooking from scratch are a few of the things I do, but one of my favorite is saving silver coins in a Terramundi  Money Pot. After we received one as a gift, we have been hooked on them.  They are fun and come in all kinds of funky designs and colors.

Unlike a traditional piggy bank, you can't get your money out of these unless you break it open.  Each pot comes with a small card on which you record a wish and the date, then drop it in the pot with the first silver coin.   Once that first coin is dropped in, your money pot must be fed until it is full.  At that time 
you smash it while making a wish. 

When we couldn't squeeze one more coin in the pot we busted it open.  With our first pot we just  dropped the it on the sidewalk and then collected all the pieces.  Kinda of messy.

This time we put the pot in one of our reusable grocery store bags and whacked it on the ground.  A much smarter approach.  Not some many small pieces and everything was contained.

Before counting, we each wrote down our guess for the total.  Our pot was about 7 inches tall and was only filled with silver coins, no pennies.  Dessert man was only putting in quarters, but I  put in some nickels and dimes too, which I found out while counting was a BIG no-no. Ooops! "Think of how much more money we would have had if those other coins hadn't been taking up that space?" Uh - $5?

Be both over estimated the amount, but were happy to see we had $226.60 worth of coins. Sweet! Then we rolled it instead of taking it to the coin machine because we didn't want to pay 8% charge for the service.

We put the first coin in this pot on Dessert Man's birthday February of 2009.  You are supposed to write down a wish too, but for some reason we didn't. Neither of us can remember why. This was one of the smaller pots, but the larger pots can hold up to $500 in nickels, dimes and quarters.  Who doesn't love discovering a stash of cash you didn't know you had?  

I have since learned we should have opened the pot more gently by popping off the top  and could have saved the bottom piece for a planter or holder of something. Next time, I hope to open it like this:

I guess that means I need to buy another one.

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