Monday, May 28, 2012

Monster Bash Dash

Saturday night Dessert Man and I ran the Monster Bash Dash. We ran with a group of friends and called ourselves the Terrifying Teachers.  It was a trail run with frightening obstacles along the way.  The race started at 8:20pm. It was light when we started, but darkness fell soon after.

 The trail was hilly, bumpy, sandy and twisty with the added difficulty of avoiding monsters and zombies along the way who tried to get you.

Really they were trying to grab one of two flags each of us were wearing.  Our goal was to finish the race with at least one flag left.

My strategy was to speed by the zombies while they were pursuing someone else.   They were tricky and that didn't always work.

We were required to wear a head lamp and I decided to wear one that attached to my running hat. Big mistake- it was so heavy that it weighed my hat down (note wonky tilt of hat in photo) and I had to take it off and hold it during the run.

They spent a lot of time preparing the course. There were skulls, bones and bodies scattered throughout. There were also sections that were covered in plastic tunnels that we had to run through, without much visibility.  A great hiding place for the bad guys.  

About halfway through I lost one of my flags to a zombie.  Not knowing what to expect in the second half, I was worried I may lose them both.  Despite the on-slaught of blood balloons, and determined zombies, I survived with one flag!

Those who finished with a flag were considered Survivors and received this shirt.
We also got a cool medal for finishing.

Runners who did not survive, like Dessert Man got this shirt. Not that I'm rubbing it in or anything.

This race was a definitely a different experience and very unique.  Running a trail at night with people chasing you is an adrenaline rush!  Glad it was just for fun. I am not cut out for horror films.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun! Great job being a survivior!


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