Sunday, February 12, 2012

Disney Land Neverland 5K recap

I got to participate in the first nighttime run through Disneyland as part of the Tinkerbell race weekend.
The race started at 10:30 pm in the park by the castle.  They had us all lined up down main street prior to the start.  Just before we began, Tinkerbell flew in and around the castle.  That was a spectacular sight!

We took off running to the song of  Following the Leader from Peter Pan.  This was a fun run and not a timed event.  There were 4000 runners, but I arrived early and got a spot near the front. As I was waiting for the race to start I figured out that Disney made quite a bit of money for this little race. Each person paid $99 for this race. Rounding that to $100 per person that makes $400,000 for Disney!  Not too bad for a couple hours work.

 We ran throughout Disney Land, through the Castle and then into California Adventure where the race ended by the Ferris wheel, which made for an awesome backdrop for finishing photos.

I ran a comfortable pace for this race, as I wanted to save my energy for the half marathon on Sunday. I finished with a time of 29:22.  It was fun running through the parks and seeing some behind the scenes places too. The parks looked beautiful all lit up and the temperature was perfect too.  

The hardest part was staying up for the start, that was a 1:30am start time for me and it felt like it.  This was day one for me on the West coast.  Needless to say, I was tired after the race and went straight to sleep.  


  1. That is some crazy money for a race! Great pictures, I bet it was so pretty there at night to run in.

  2. Awesome race event, I love the race shirt. Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward always for more updates.

  3. This sounds like so much fun!! I feel silly for being completely fascinated at Tinker Bell flying. I was watching that video and spent the whole time trying to figure out how they did it!


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