Monday, November 14, 2011

Food and Fun in the Windy City

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit, but I like it even more now that my daughter Cate lives there! I recently spent four days with her and we packed in as much fun and food as we could.  Every night I fell asleep exhausted. 

Upon arriving in the Windy City (rightly named-the wind blew ALL the time) we hit our first eatery The Bongo Room. This was recommended by a teacher a met at a conference and she nailed it!  The food was fabulous! We made it just in time to order off the breakfast menu.   
We shared a breakfast burrito and their special White Chocolate, Caramel Pretzel Pancakes.  I was worried these would be over the top sweet, but it was more of a savory flavor and one of the best pancakes I have ever had.  

My next meal was at a Melt Sandwich Shoppe, a local soup and sandwich place in Bucktown/Wicker Park.
All the sandwiches are a variation of the grilled cheese.  The place had a school house theme with the menu items written on the chalkboard walls.
I chose The Provence which was loaded with roasted mushrooms, tomatoes and truffle white cheddar. It was a big sandwich and more than I could eat.  Cate got a wrap that I enjoyed more.  The food was okay, but I wanted it to be better.

Our destination that night was Arts n Spirits to paint.  These casual group painting places have become quite popular and this would be our first time going to one.  Each night they spotlight a different painting which they teach you how to create.  This crazy flower design was tonight's project.

Although we liked this painting we decided to go rogue and change it up a little and make a blue toned background. I had a great idea to capture the creation of my painting from start to finish, but I got so absorbed in the painting that I missed a few steps along the way, but you get the idea.

I am not much of an artist, but they guide you step by step and make it easy enough for anyone to follow along.  
As you can see, we exercised our artistic licenses. 
We spent about four hours working on these and the time flew by.  After waiting for a bus and a train and walking the half mile to her apartment, we didn't get home until midnight. That was day one!

I will share more of our adventures in Part II...

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  1. Wow, that is a lot for only one day.

    I'd love to try one of those painting places one day. I'm an artist in my head.


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