Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Walk for Farm Animals Recap

The Orlando Walk for Farm Animals, organized to raise awareness and funds to end factory farming, was a success despite the soggy conditions.  The turnout was small, about 75 in all, but we walked our route, carried our signs, and tried to inspire others to care about the plight of farm animals in factory farms. Similar walks were held all over the country this weekend.

I have never participated in an event to raise awareness for an issue like this, so it was a very interesting experience.  I feel very strongly that factory farming is not healthy for the animals, for those eating the animals or for our environment. So I signed up for the walk and encouraged others to walk too or donate to  Farm Sanctuary if they could.
Me and some team members.
We got a small team together and showed our support. We walked a two mile loop around the cultural center of downtown Orlando.  It had been pouring all morning, but luckily the skies cleared just as we started.
We passed this beautiful live oak tree.
We were led by a local guy who was very passionate about this cause.  He had us stop on all four corners of our loop to smile, wave and show our signs to the cars passing by.  This was the part that felt uncomfortable for me. Our leader was carrying a megaphone and had painted his hair green for this event. He had us stand there for too long a time and he was yelling things about liking animals and saving the animals and other stuff, but it was all garbled together.  He looked fanatical and was yelling and I don't think people like fanatics.  At least I don't.

I prefer a more subtle approach to changing people's minds and influencing their beliefs.  I know his intentions were good, I just hope he didn't turn people off with his hair and yelling.

Despite the corner loitering, it was a nice walk and we did get a lot of positive response from passerby's.

Next time a group is out supporting their cause I will definitely give a honk or a wave if I agree.  Those little gestures made us all cheer and smile.
At the end of the walk we were treated with cupcakes, brownies, water, apples, bananas and bagels from local businesses.  In addition, there was music and a vegan hot dog vendor.

To thank my team members for their support I decided to put together a goody box for them.  I found a farm themed box at Party City and went to work baking the night before the walk.

I filled it with a pumpkin-carrot cupcake, a peanut butter oreo blondie and a salted caramel square.  All new recipes I found on Tasty Kitchen.  (I liked the cupcake the best.)
It was a good morning and I'm glad I went. I got a chance to raise money and awareness for a cause I believe in and that feels good. Plus I got to keep the awesome posters of the cute farm animals!
I left feeling very hungry because I was not brave enough to try a vegan hotdog and the food just wasn't what I wanted. I ended up stopping by Jason's Deli for a  portobello mushroom panini. It was excellent!

Have you ever eaten a vegan hotdog?


  1. Did you make all those goodies? They look devine!

  2. What a great event! I agree with a more subtle approach to informing or changing people's thoughts about something.
    You had quite the spread of eats after your walk. Plus all the treats you gave those on your team look delish! :)
    I've never had a vegan hotdog, but I'm not against trying one.


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