Saturday, October 22, 2011

Six Mile Run and Perfect Weather

Ahhh.  Finally Florida is getting a taste of fall! 

I know for most of you fall weather may be nothing new, but until two days ago it has continued to feel like summer here. The great weather will only last a few days, but I plan to enjoy every minute of it!  

I started this morning's long run around 9:00am, very late for me as I usually hit the road around 5am, BUT because it wasn't a broilfest today I could actually sleep in, take my time getting ready and head out for my run a little later. 

The skies were partly cloudy, there was a light breeze and the temperature was 60 degrees.
I took a little extra time trying to decide what I would wear. Usually it's a no brainer: shorts and a  tank, but the cooler temps made me think twice about what to put on.  

Because the cool days are few and far between, I never remember how many clothes I need for what temperature.  I decided to go with shorts and a short sleeve shirt and was a little chilly at the start.  You may be chuckling at being chilly at 60 degrees.  This is what living in Florida has done to me.  Its made me a wimp for any weather under 70 degrees.  

I am running a 15K in Chicago in two weeks and after running 8 and 9 miles the last two weekends, I decided to run 6 today.  I felt so energized and not bogged down by hot humid air. I did warm up, but not to the point of being a soaking wet sweat ball which is the usual result. Really the fact that is hot here most of  the time is my biggest gripe about living here!

Running felt easier, less taxing on my legs and lungs and I still had energy when I was done.  I can't get over what a difference a few degrees make.   I could get used to this!

Today was a perfect day for a run!

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What conditions do like when running?

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  1. Loving the FL weather, too. My little guy is running his first 5k this weekend. So excited to be on the road with him.


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