Sunday, September 12, 2010

New workout gear

I spent the weekend on the run, but not on my feet running, that is after my early morning 7 mile run Saturday, but rather running around town in my car.  They weren't all housekeeping errands, some were quite fun.  I found out that there is a Lululemon Athletica outlet in Orlando and had to go check it out.  Wow, this place was awesome - more great things than I could buy in one trip.  So I am definitely going back. Their workout gear  is totally cute and unique.  I bought knee length crop running pants and compression socks.

The best part is the prices are about half of what they are in their regular stores and...

 all your purchases come in this adorable reusable tote! 

I also made a trip to the bike shop for a tune up on my bike.  Lucky me, they were having a sale!  I bought new pedals and shoes for my bike.  Up until now I have been riding with regular pedals and sneakers.   While there, I had a chance to try the new pedals and shoes to get the hang of clipping them in and out.  It was tricky at first, but I feel pretty good about it now.  I have been warned that  it is very easy to fall until you get used to them.  I will have to remember to take my foot out BEFORE I stop.   While waiting for the pedals to be installed I found a new bike shirt.  This is my first official bike shirt - pockets and all. It was too cute to pass up (and it was on sale).

  I wanted to take a test ride when I got home, but it has been raining  all afternoon.  I will have to wait until tomorrow.

Although I did not get a lot of down time this weekend, it was a good one.  I hope you had a good weekend too!

Tomorrow starts week 4 of marathon training, I am starting to get used to getting up @ 5 am, if that's possible.  The daily runs are now up to 45 minutes in length.


  1. oh my i went to the under armour outlet there and went crazy! so glad I don't live too close I'd be back way to often

  2. nice gear, you're training in style!! thanks for all the great comments about my marathon, I can't believe it's over!

  3. Great gear, just in time for the change of season.

  4. Um, okay - I'm not familiar with this store/brand .... BUT I love a fun reusable tote! AND I'll have a rental car for a couple days when I'm in Orlando next month. I totally might have to visit, especially if they'll be open until 11pm on the day I can go!
    Thanks for the tip on the Orlando location!!


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