Monday, May 24, 2010

Tri-ing Something for the First Time

I competed in my first triathlon on Mother's Day.  It was an idea that had interested me for a couple of years, but I never followed through on it until this past March when I actually clicked the "register" button and made the financial commitment.  I knew if I spent the money, I would make it happen.  I was nervous about the whole idea of it because of the many unknowns.  I have participated in organized running races, but couldn't imagine the specifics of the swimming and biking portions, let alone all 3 in one race and one outfit.  I am a detail oriented person so this missing information gave me some worries.  My excitement to finish a triathlon, kept me motivated and I am so GLAD I did it!!  My feeling of accomplishment was even stronger because I did it despite my fears.

I have some fears about starting a blog too, but I am jumping in with both feet and giving it my best shot.  If I don't try....I'll never know if I can.  Plus, I have a feeling I'll learn some things along the way.

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