Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What's Eating You?

Lose Weight, Get Healthy and Change World

That's want I want to do this year!  This is nothing new for me, they could be my resolutions every year.

That doesn't mean I fail to meet my goal, but are you ever really done with any of them?  Ok, maybe you could be at a weight where you don't need to lose anymore, but....have you all seen the food I like to eat?  I don't want to give that up so I exercise to balance it out, but as we all know sometimes you can reward yourself with more food than you've burned off and so you need to pay more attention to what you eat and that's what I need to do from time to time.  Like now.

I know that whatever I pay attention to or prioritize, I can positively impact so I am joining Healthy Eats January Healthy Every Week Challenge to help me meet my goals. What's great about it is each week has its own focus and they build upon each other to create a great month of healthy eating. Each small change can lead to big results.

  • Week 1:  Eat breakfast
  • Week 2:  Eat more whole grains
  • Week 3:  Cook at home
  • Week 4:  Eat more Fruits and vegetables
  • Week 5:   Stay on Track
Sometimes the thought of making changes can be overwhelming and that can make me want to give up, but looking at the goals for each week, they are definitely  do-able.

Throughout the month I will get support from others who are taking this challenge as we blog about it and share recipes.  I get stuck in ruts where I eat the same things all the time, so the more healthy recipes I have, the better.  If you want support meeting your healthy goals join HERE and we can do this together.

I figure that January is gonna pass by and at the end I can have either accomplished something or not.  

Week one is off to a good start!  I usually eat breakfast everyday so this has been easy so far. I am always looking for fast, easy and filling ideas for this most important meal of the day.
When pushed for time I resort to a PB and J, but it never disappoints.

What do you usually have for breakfast?


  1. it is safe to say that I NEVER miss breakfast.I am hungry when I wake up. I am hungry now and I am about to go to bed!
    Favorite breakfast?? 1 egg poached or fried with cheese on a piece of bread (or English muffin, 1/2 bagel etc..)I like a non fat latte too:)

  2. Non fat greek yogurt with blueberries and a little honey; peanut butter on wheat toast; poached egg on an English muffin; and if I'm feeling really sinful, cheese grits with bacon and a poached egg on top. Can you tell I'm from the South? :)


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