Sunday, February 27, 2011

Race Volunteer

All ready and waiting for the runners.

Today started around 12:45am when I had to get up and get ready to go to Disney World for my volunteer shift in the Information Booth for the Princess Half Marathon.  I decided to get some sleep before my shift and ended up getting about 3 hours sleep, which was a good thing.

Cate and I headed out and arrived at the volunteer tent about 1:45am.  We checked in, received our T shirt and a snack and headed to the bus for the trip to the staging area of the race.  Not knowing what to expect from the snack I brought an apple to eat if I got hungry.  I told myself I shouldn't need to eat at all, because I don't usually eat at that time of night, but its different when you are awake.  I did eat the apple, but brought the snacks home to Andy.
Volunteer T shirt
Snack Bag

 Temperatures were in the 60s and the skies were clear.  Upon arrival we met with our team leader, Lori and the other 6 volunteers working with us, most were Disney cast members.  We were given the low down on the most asked questions and how to respond.  Having run a few races at Disney, I knew about some details that helped me helped others.  I remember walking into the staging area for my first Disney race and being confused about where to go and where things were.  It felt great to be able to help others and answer their questions, so they would not stress about the details and could have a good time!

The first runners arrived just after 3am and the place quickly filled up.  I was stationed in the staging area  between the entrance and the family reunion tents.  The time went by quickly as there were many people to help.  Most people wanted to know where the bathrooms are, how to get on the monorail, how to view the start of the race, where to meet your runner, etc...We fielded any questions, handed out safety pins, and took photos for runners and spectators.  There were so many wonderful costumes with a lot of tutus and crowns. I saw a few people I knew and looked for others, but it was very crowded. It  really was fun, race excitement and girl power were in the air!

Although there were a few race stragglers most were off to the start line by 5:15am. We watched the start of the race on the jumbo-tron screen and soon after the place cleared out.  The last hour of our shift wasn't very busy and at 7am we were relieved by the next crew and had just enough time to get to the finish line to see the leader cross at around 1:21.  Exhaustion set in and we were ready to head home. We  hopped on a bus back to the volunteer tent at Wide World of Sports, checked out and received a one day, one park ticket!

Andy had a breakfast of eggs, hash browns and bacon waiting for us at home and after gobbling that up it was nap time!  The rest of the day was spent reading and catching up on Oprah on the DVR. I ventured out only once to get some frozen yogurt that was the perfect ending to a super day.  I chose a chocolate peanut butter yogurt mix with peanut butter sauce, reeses pieces and reeses puff cereal on top.
My name is Kelley and I have a problem with peanut butter.

 I will definitely volunteer again.  It was a great experience!

Have you ever volunteered for a sporting event?
What's your favorite frozen yogurt combination?


  1. How fun! Sounds like a great time. What a great race to be part of the volunteer team too. I love your orange "Ask Me" vest and your sorcerer hat.

  2. Wow - people got there at 3 a.m.?? I had no idea the day started that early! Glad you had fun volunteering!

  3. that's great you volunteered! So early!

    I havent' had frozen yogurt in a while. But you know what I had yesterday? A shamrock shake!!!!!

  4. That's awesome that you volunteered. I'm glad you had a good time and I love your volunteer outfit!

  5. That's so great of you to be up so early to help all of us princesses and our cheer squads out!

    I have never volunteered for a race, but I would like to some day if something happened and I wasn't able to race myself. One thing I really want to see is the first person cross the finish line!

    Back when I was a kid I loved my frozen yogurt to be chocolate/vanilla swirl with gummy bears. My how times have changed - no chocolate/candy in 17 years .... now my frozen yogurt is just vanilla. Boring vanilla -but strawberry on it would taste good, too!


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