Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bye-Bye Rut, Hello Groove

I think I found my groove again today.  It has been missing for some time.  It seems like I have been in a running rut all summer.  I've blamed it on the heat, my summer Green Friday schedule, lack of hydration and my new running shoes.  (It's called Green Friday because we are being kind to the earth by reducing electrical and gas usage that day, by closing the office.  I think my company does it to save money, so either way it is green.)

Things started going downhill in June -  my work schedule changed to a Green Friday schedule of  7am-5pm Monday through Thursday which sounds great, but those are some long days and squeezing runs in is tough.  I prefer to run before work, but I had to get up @ 4:00am and that is too early, plus I was dead tired by the time I got home.  I can run after work, but because of the heat, most days I am limited to treadmill running.  I prefer to run outdoors so this has not excited me either.   Lately, I have been trying to get all my workouts in on my three day weekends and taking my two days off during the week.

Because it is so hot here in Florida I was getting exercise headaches on the days of my early runs.  I did some reading about it and learned hydration could be a factor.  I never used to drink  during my 3 mile runs, but I was willing to try it to escape the pain of those headaches.  I ended up getting a hand held water bottle, but carrying something while running was an adjustment too.

Every time I went out for a run I seemed to have no pep in my step.  I thought it might be time for a new pair of shoes.  I had run over 500 miles in this pair, so that was possible.  I went to my favorite running store Track Shack and got fitted for a new pair of Saucony sneaks.   I looked faster from the moment I put them one.  I tried a different lacing technique, but it took 3 runs before I  got my lacing correct.  Needless to say I have not been excited about running lately.

So I can say today was probably the best run I've had all summer.  I did have to run on the treadmill, but my body didn't betray me on my 6 mile actually remembered that it knows how to do this running thing.  Everything was in harmony today!!

I know it's only been one good run, but it could be the start of a great streak.  I am a glass half-full kind of girl and I'm going with that.   Tomorrow is my day off, but I am psyched about the possibilities for Tuesday's workout!


  1. Sometimes a rut is a good thing, makes us come back that much stronger! Great work!

  2. sometimes one good run is all it takes to get back at it, hope today goes well!


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